April Fools’ Day Patch – Dracu Riot


It is with great sadness that we release this patch in its current state. After all, DracuRiot was picked up solely for Miu and yet hers is the only route that we have yet to complete.

The intention has always been to resume the project in the future, but the progress of Dracu Riot has barely moved in 2 years.

Over the years, trolling became less fun, the drama stale, and life turned busier — it became increasingly difficult to find motivation to work on the game.

When it seemed that the game could not be completed in a reasonable timeframe, a decision was made and a date was committed to release a patch consolidating all the work – completed or otherwise.

We hope you have enjoyed our works so far, and hope that everyone that has benefited from fan translations does a little something for the community in return in the future.

We are extremely proud for taking an active role in raising awareness for Japanese Porn Games, and felt warm and fuzzy when people started paying attention to great moege companies like Favorite and Yuzusoft. Others followed our lead and for the first time, translation groups started looking beyond the edgy, grimdark, and pretentious 2deep4u try-hard titles. The Japanese Porn Game translation scene was saved!

We had a good run and if given the choice would totally (not!) do it all over again.


Patch Download: http://www116.zippyshare.com/v/f3oJCya2/file.html

Updated patch (do not use above): http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/HQtR1Mqq/file.html

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Feeling ronery on Valentine’s Day?

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Sora no Otoshimono Finale – Eternal My Master


This felt more like an OVA with no real substance as opposed to a proper movie. But then again, I’m probably asking too much from Chinese cartoons.

Torrent|1080p, 10 bit, FLAC


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The website is back

The website is now back online. However, the website will only be occasionally monitored. If you have any urgent comments or enquiries, as usual, please drop us a message on irc (Rizon) #staircasesubs or email enquiries@staircasesubs.com. Alternatively, you may contact us via Twitter (https://twitter.com/StaircaseSubs)

We apologise for the extended downtime.


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