Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a shooting star-

Produced by Favorite

Localisation Staff
Translation: Insemination
Engineering: oneoc

Common route: 18749
Asuho: 5092
Chinami: 4458
Isuzu: 5976
Komomo: 7310
Kosame: 3930
Mare: 1202
Mystery girl: 8465
Total: 55182

Complete English Patch 1.0
English patch update 1.2
Official game bugfix (by Favorite)
OP movie Eternal Recurrence

1. Install offical game bugfix
2. Install Complete English Patch 1.0
3. Install English patch update 1.2

Following the sudden death of their mother, Kogasaka You and his sister, Chinami, return to their hometown for the first time in seven years. Hoping to fulfil a promise with the girl from his childhood, he ventures to the lookout where they had once gazed at the starry sky together. However, what awaits him there is a grim reaper—’I’ve been waiting, You-kun. Thank you for keeping your promise.’