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Use this page to report errors or post your difficulties with our releases. Make sure you read the following first;

General Guidelines

1. Identify the release that you’re referring to.

2. State the problem; be as descriptive as possible.

3. Include some basic information about your computer (such as your OS etc).

We also offer live technical support. Type in any desired username (even if you don’t have a registered Nick with Rizon) and click “connect” to join our IRC channel. If a staff member happens to be online, he/she will be able to assist you.

148 comments on “Help Desk
  1. what says:

    where do i download

  2. Chan says:

    Dracu riot patch link broke

  3. J says:

    “Everything will be released (WIP or otherwise) on 1/4/2016” but yet no dracu-riot patch download available currently

    • TacoTuesday says:

      You’re using a different date format from them, they meant April 1,2016.
      I mean just look at your comment post day, it’s pretty obvious based on the site’s date format what they meant.

  4. lalafiore says:

    April Fools!

  5. kappasa says:

    loool april fools haha XD. fuck you

  6. Schzarrs says:

    I already know that the posibility is small, but i’m really looking forward to it.
    But, at last it’s just another april fools joke

  7. OTAKU says:

    So where is our dreku-patch?
    Well, not actual anymore, because I’m already read japs well enough to play those games with ease, so ones who wait it from the beginning are pretty much too lazy to deserve it anyway lol.
    But still i kinda wanted to see a results, and i keep coming there twice a year. No progress though.
    I hope the reason is you found another Elina to hentai with 😛

  8. Baka - Chan says:

    Currently reading through the Hoshizora no Memoria with your TL (V1.2) and it’s coming up with TLnote 01/02/03.

    I’m assuming this is just a placeholder and is supposed to have some translational aid to help understand the text better but it’s not showing up for me.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or is there a known fix?

    Windows 10/game is updated/fuwanovel release I believe.

  9. captainshrimps says:

    After applying the patch 1.20 for Dracu Riot, the game is still in Japanese. I’m on Windows 10 64 bit. pls help

  10. RhondaHerzhx says:

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