The story begins with Mutsura Yuuto going on a holiday to Aqua Eden —an artificial island city located on the shores of Japan— with his friend. However, his holiday plans are laid to waste after he gets involved in a kidnapping; to make matters worse, he ends up turning into a vampire. With nowhere else to go, he decides to enrol in a school on this vampire island—and thus, his new dorm night life begins.


Produced by Yuzusoft

Localisation Staff
Translation: Insemination
Quality check: TimTims
Engineering: kingshriek

Prologue: 1411/1411
Common: 7810/7810
Azusa: 10594/10594
Elina: 9584/9584
Miu: 0/10474
Rio: 9495/9495
Bonus: 4339/4339
Total: 43233/53707

Official bugfix 1.2
Windows 8 64-bit compatibility patch