About us

We are a small group that was established to translate Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a shooting star-, by Favorite.

Our mission is to make visual novels more accessible to the Western audience in a timely, reliable manner. We aim to be as transparent as possible to the general public, providing regular updates and maintaining close channels of communication to the community.

Regular Staff




PolynAzn— ‘Please make me pregnant’

TimTims— ‘who doesn’t look at gay people having sex with hats on from time to time’

Ampzzzz— ‘Brb, shagging sheep’

Treize— ‘darling, you want to grind some more?’

Special thanks

Clowwindy — assistance with Favorite Viewpoint Engine

kingshriek — engineering for Dracu-Riot

You may contact us at [enquiries@staircasesubs.com] if you have any formal enquiries.

We are also available on IRC if you want to have a chat.