Sora no Otoshimono Finale – Eternal My Master


This felt more like an OVA with no real substance as opposed to a proper movie. But then again, I’m probably asking too much from Chinese cartoons.

Torrent|1080p, 10 bit, FLAC

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14 comments on “Sora no Otoshimono Finale – Eternal My Master
  1. raka says:

    english sub ?

  2. noko says:

    No 720p?

  3. Arkado says:

    Thank you Insem! Im glad to see that you’re still willing to do some translation now and then :)

  4. Darklord says:

    is this really the final movie? cause i didnt understood much

  5. DarkLord says:

    Well i did love the anime, but the movie omg maybe they were thinking only about the money and nothing about the story…. they just rushed the entired story. i dont think that any1 understood the movie.

    Also thank you for translating Hoshizora no Memoria Wish upon a shooting star. I just love the VN if it werent for you i dont know what i could do. the story and the romance are 9999/10 on my opinion, i love the romance really much ^^ .

    • ThoseFuckingDolphins says:

      I would also like to thank you for translanting Hoshimemo, It’s a shame you couldn’t finish Dracu-Riot. Also, as my name suggests, I was really pissed off about Mare’s route in Hoshimemo until I found out how to get rid of them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If I had not the need to restore my old firefox config from a backup, I’d never had known about that. I’m amazed that the RSS is still working.

  7. wantha says:

    Guys please update dracu riot. I really want to play too much miu and azusa route. can you someone tell me when this english patch realese.(soory for bad english)

  8. sapi says:

    where’s the continuation of dracu patch? u said that u will contuinue it on dec 2013, and look it’s almost 2014 -_-

  9. Dracu-Riot! Fan says:

    So how’s Dracu-Riot! going? You can’t possibly be really waiting until 2051 yeah? If VN translating becomes an obstacle for you — since you’ll be dealing with a “porn” despite being in a relationship, and there’s also the thing about your financial future — why don’t you hand it over to someone else?
    Not trying to be a butthurt dick btw, since you’re doing this for free and i’m grateful for that. Just wondering how things become like this….

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