The website is back

The website is now back online. However, the website will only be occasionally monitored. If you have any urgent comments or enquiries, as usual, please drop us a message on irc (Rizon) #staircasesubs or email Alternatively, you may contact us via Twitter (

We apologise for the extended downtime.


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31 comments on “The website is back
  1. O'Nyanmaru-sama says:

    Hi, I would like to thank you for tranlating Hoshizora no Memoria. But thats just intro. I seriously liked that game so I wanted to thank you, before I change subject. The main point of this post is to tell you that I absolutely despise you. While I am grateful for HoshiMemo and I really enjoyed it, your actions during translation of Dracu-Riot made you despicable in my eyes. I dont mind groups that disband and drop projects, it is sad but its not catastrophe, it happens. I dont mind when people get bored of translating and drop it. But I do hate when people are not clear about it and play some disgusting games just to make people rage. I hate that you gave us hope just to crush it and have fun with it. Thats it, I am probably just venting my anger, but I am not going to apologize for it. Stay healthy, I still hope that one day you will wake up and decide to end this lil’ game of yours, whether by finishing the job you started with your own free will, like a man or by ditching it for good.

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