Dracu Riot partial patch

The current progress on Dracu Riot is exactly as indicated on the project page. With the exception of Miu’s route, which is an insignificant ~200 lines in, the rest of the routes are complete.

Despite my intention of retiring, I still wish to see the completion of Miu’s route–she was a major factor in making me choose this game, and I do feel extremely guilty that hers would be the only one untranslated.

The fact remains that there is no time for me to work on her route during the semester. Certainly, I may have time during my summer holidays, but that’s also prime time to touch up on one’s employability skills through internships, vacation programs and volunteer work.

Nevertheless, if I had any time to work on the game, it would probably be during summer. But that is far from a guarantee. As such, the future of this project will be determined in three stages.

1. Parties interested in the acquisition of the current project or the completion of the remaining route may contact us by 30th September. Should we find a suitable candidate, we will announce the news.

2. If we are unable to secure a future for Dracu Riot with a reputable or reliable candidate by 1st October, the script files for Miu’s route will be released to the general public for other interested parties.

3. If, by 1st December there are no active or meaningful attempts at translating Miu’s route, I may come out of retirement to work on her route. However, the likelihood of me finding time to work on the game will only decrease year by year. In light of this, if I am unable to give one last attempt at the end of the year, we will stop beating the dead horse, release the remaining routes, and announce the official death of the project.

We can be contacted through our email, enquiries@staircasesubs.com

Here is the partial patch. It contains Elina’s route.

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