Ootori Mahiro | Seieki Jaguchi | Semen Faucet [June 25th]


Couldn’t find a good image for this post, so we just went with the credits page. This one happened on a whim, but hey, we promised we’d do some more manga (in the previous status post), right?

Consider this as a parting gift, because I’ll be catching a flight tomorrow morning. Will be back early August. Toodles. Dracu-Riot status has also been updated.

E-Hentai (if you get sad-panda’d above)

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One comment on “Ootori Mahiro | Seieki Jaguchi | Semen Faucet [June 25th]
  1. TheLargeOne says:

    Semen Faucet? More like Semen Water Park.

    That was a fun read, more than anything.

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