Status Update [Feb 1, 2013]

It’s been a while since the last status update. Hopefully this will answer most of the questions.

Dracu Riot

– A patch will definitely be released on Cirno Day. (Sep 9). The contents of this patch have yet to be determined, and will depend largely on the project progress when the date approaches.
– Not that it really matters at this point, the planned route order is Rio>Azusa>Miu>Bonus.
– The menus and whatnot will be translated for the full patch. We do not have time to work on them at the moment.


– There are plans to do the Ebiten BDs/specials/OVAs/whatever, as there are for Seitokai Ichizon Lv2. However, everyone is feeling lazy at the moment and I can’t guarantee that you’ll see a release from us within the next 50 years. i.e. Grab your animu elsewhere.

– The raw for Onii-chan Controller (the prequel to Imouto Calendar) finally got scanned. Script for that is done and has been sent in for Photoshop work so expect to see something faptastic over the next few days if all goes well.

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24 comments on “Status Update [Feb 1, 2013]
  1. Peten00b says:

    Dunno if it’s just me, or the Elina route isn’t fully translated.
    I was playing through the Elina route, and suddenly the script just turned Japanese again, any advice you can give me? :(

  2. NewToThis says:


    uhh.. im new to these kind of stuff so does anyone here know the reason why i keep going back to the start menu whenever i reach 4-7 the 1 month celebration in dracu-riot?? i would really appreciate the help

  3. KyleHasCookies? says:

    Sept 9 2013? for the patch?

  4. ledre says:

    ugh.. hoping you guys release… 1 more partial patch..
    since i want to try at least to finish 1 route..


  5. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know this game was so big XD, I was near certain that you would have finished the game before then, either way. Good luck and have fun with it, we will stand waiting!

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