Seizon lv2 – 06


Real life issues with staff and whatnot. Enjoy your belated fap material.

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9 comments on “Seizon lv2 – 06
  1. SS says:

    I will!

  2. olz says:

    Completely understand your reasons for the delay on the last couple of episodes, but wanted to thank you for getting the fansub out for E06.
    One of my fave series this season, and I am so glad you are subbing it.
    Thanks so much for sticking with Seizon lv2!
    Much respect for Staircase, as you seem to be the only group to have picked this one up.
    Will happily await further eps, delayed or not.
    Domo arigatou!

  3. olz says:

    Also, random question, but will this show ever be available as a better than webrip quality? I’m kind of new to anime and fansubs this last couple of seasons, and pick and choose what I watch, but I absolutely loved Seizon S1 and Lv2 is maybe even better!
    Would definitely download it all again in HD.
    I’ll stop posting now, but again, big thanks to Staircase for picking this one up!

  4. SS says:

    Just like Ebiten it will be aired on TV as well. Just on a later date. Next animu season if I recall correct. DVD + BD is a given then.

  5. Keiichi says:

    I’m a bit confused now – is the ep with the CRC [DF7CF10A] listed on aniDB as ep 7,”The Student Council Welcomes”, of StaircaseSubs really ep 7 or is it ep 6 as the link on Nyaa states ? Can’t you keep your act together a little bit? 😉

  6. Nyan-Kun says:

    Awesome and thanks!

  7. Cru3l says:

    Why Am I Getting Out Of Sync?

  8. Littlefish says:


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