Seizon lv2 – 03

Torrent (ep 03v2) :

UPDATE: We have noticed that the torrent got removed from Nyaa by a moderator for some reason. Hopefully, we can sort things out. In the meantime, we have provided a direct download link to Mediafire. Alternatively, you may grab the episode via XDCC.

UPDATE2: We have released a v2 of the episode after sorting things out with the Nyaa moderator.

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14 comments on “Seizon lv2 – 03
  1. Nyan-Kun says:

    Thanks for taking up this series! Don’t understand why no one else is chasing this series down or why we’re only getting Chinese raws, but I love this frikkin’ show! LQ or HQ, I still appreciate the effort in subbing this show.

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