Seizon Lv2 ep 0 and 1

It’s kinda late here, so I’ll do this in point form to make our laziness super authentic.

Episode 0

Episode 1

– Since this show is 360p, we haven’t found any typesetters willing to work on it. This means /an8 for anything we think that should be translated, and nothing for signs that are useless.

– Previews won’t be translated because loleffort on a 360p show. If you want to know what goes on next episode, just wait a week and watch it then.

– We aren’t translating the EDs either because
a)they suck,
b)there’s a new one every week,
c)the show is 360p and
d)we don’t need more work because the show is already 400+ lines raw.

– You will sometimes find bits of the episode cut (especially in the first few minutes) because the RAW provider derped out. Due to the limited supply and choice of RAWs, you will have to deal with the dodgy video.

PS. Someone pointed out that the ED in ep 1 only has one line timed. That was our mistake. We were originally planning to do the ED, then couldn’t be bothered anymore (but forgot to take the lines out).

PPS. Episode 2 was originally supposed to be released with episode 0 and 1 for a fapulous fabulous triple release. Unfortunately, the RAW derped out and we couldn’t mux properly. So er…it’ll get released when we find a solution.

PPPS. Ebiten TVs are dropped since Squiggy bailed on us because he apparently has cancer is working on Magi with another group and doesn’t have time for Ebiten.

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3 comments on “Seizon Lv2 ep 0 and 1
  1. Tim says:

    \( *¯∇¯)ノ ☆~FAPULOUS~☆

  2. ForOne193 says:

    Ahhh, pretty sad its only in 360p :/ but I guess its ok :) since I love seitokai no ichizon, hopefully this seccond season will be pretty good too <3

  3. Marek says:

    Sad to hear about Ebiten’s demise. I guess I’ll go with the tiny versions, then.

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