Status post [23rd September]

We’ve had two new quality checkers, Ampzzzz and TimTims, join the team for Dracu Riot. We will discontinue 1.1 of the Cirno Patch once they have finished proofreading, then release 1.2 (which will hopefully be the final version of the patch until the full patch release). We have learned our lesson from our previous experience with editors for Hoshimemo, so we’re strengthening the communication within the team this time.

Some of you may have noticed that translation speed has slowed down significantly compared to earlier this year. Some have even asked me why. It appears that most people think that translators aren’t humans, or are dole bludgers who spend their time masturbating to Chinese cartoons. Perhaps that is true for some individuals. I wouldn’t know.

The bottom line is: No one wants to stall their project. However, there are some things in life that take priority.

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38 comments on “Status post [23rd September]
  1. xDarkness says:

    @ Everyone who’s too lazy 2 lurk: Insem finished the Elina Route, just 3 routes + Bonus left, then we’ll get the full patch 😀

    @Insem what exactly is this “Bonus” about, care to explain it? (Only if you can explain it without spoilering too much) Is it some kind of harem end or sth?
    Also which route’s gonna be translated next?

    Btw: Please keep the random charas from HoshiMemo which randomly appear in D-R! also in the full patch, it’s just awesome!

  2. Psyclogr says:

    Honestly i think waiting is stupid

  3. Estella says:

    diJs&bsp;:tenus Christ there is a great deal of spammy comments on this website. Have you ever thought about attempting to get rid of them or putting in a tool?

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