Ebi10 10

Since Poly forgot to take some screenshots for the release post, we’ll use a generic release picture.

References this episode
-Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer
-Random cameos

And with the conclusion of this series, I’d like to thank all the staff that worked on this show. The idea to sub this came on a whim, but everyone pitched in to help make the releases possible.

-MarukoM: timing (ep 5)
-PolynAzn: quality check (test fapping)
-Squiggy: timing, distro and typesetting
-Treize: timing and typesetting (ep 2)

Not sure whether we’ll do the TV releases at the moment, seeing how close the BDs are.

[00:46] <+^Yuyu>so Im encoding the tv versions.
[00:47] <+^Yuyu>if you dont want to release them Ill just do it myself
[00:47] <+^Yuyu>because otherwise
[00:47] <+^Yuyu>Im pretty certain
[00:47] <+^Yuyu>someone else will do it
[00:47] <&Squiggy>Proably
[00:47] <&Squiggy>*b
[00:48] <&Squiggy>I dunno, it sounds stupid to me to 1.) release webrips 2.) release tv version and 3.) Release BD
[00:48] <+^Yuyu>usually I would agree
[00:48] <+^Yuyu>but as I said 9001 times
[00:48] <&Squiggy>:loweffort:
[00:48] <+^Yuyu>tv version finishes airing 2 weeks after the first bd comes out


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5 comments on “Ebi10 10
  1. robthebin says:

    Came here for the Shinku-nyan.

  2. anonymous says:

    WHAT??? IT’S OVER?? FUCK! I’m sad.. thank you so much for all oyur work guys! waiting warmly for the TV version!

  3. apachi says:

    Great! ow you will have more time to translate Dracu-Riot.
    I didn’t watch this series btw.

  4. Chipp12 says:

    Hi there again! Congratulations with the finishing!
    > television broadcast for the series will feature longer episodes.
    Well I think that we’ll just see the proper OPs and maybe they’ll change ED too.

  5. Nero says:

    Woo hoo will wait patiently for the BD releases!

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