Cirno Patch [Updated to 1.1]

With all the things going on both off-line and on-line, I completely forgot about the Cirno Patch until people started sending me hatemail. As a result, unlike last time, I haven’t had time to really prepare anything fun for this patch. :sadfrog:

Things to note:
– You will need a full version of the game.
– You will need the official bugfix patch 1.20 installed.
– The common route ends at 7810 lines, and the remaining 2189 translated lines are from the Elina route.
– Miu is my waifu. Hands off, bitches.

This is also the last partial. We will not release any more partials for Dracu-Riot.

This 1.1 patch fixes some typos and the wordwrapping.

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69 comments on “Cirno Patch [Updated to 1.1]
  1. Jeremy says:

    I kept seeing on the common route a flip flop on the pronouns on the other guy in the dorm. He is referred to many times as ‘Her’ so just letting you know for the final fix.

  2. noname7 says:

    how to open xp3 file? -,-

  3. Kanshisha13 says:

    Thank you for the hard work and Partial Patch. I now know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the night ^_^

    I look forward to your finished patch and anticipate that I’ll enjoy it as much as Hoshizora No Memoria 😉

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