Hoshimemo 1.2 + Dracu-Riot prologue

Dracu-Riot prologue patch

This patch is an introductory release for this project. We have yet to find a practical solution for movie insertion, so you’ll have to live with the subtitled OP we’ve posted on Youtube. Menus haven’t been translated yet, but they will be done for our next patch (TBA).

The patch was supposed to be released 2 hours ago*, except when typing up this post, we realised that Yuzusoft had released a 1.2 patch for the game. We had to check for the changes and resolve any script conflicts, in addition to fixing up the wordwrapping which got broken along with the patch.

Make sure you have the 1.20 bugfix by Yuzusoft installed before applying the patch. (We were one of the victims from being outdated).


Special thanks to kingshriek for engineering.

*If you’re wondering why it’s labelled ‘v2’, it’s because ‘v1’ was rendered obsolete halfway during this post. Derp.

PS. For those wondering why the total number of lines went down from 53755->53707, it’s because Yuzusoft decided to remove a whole chunk of text for some reason.

Hoshizora no Memoria English Patch 1.2


– script improvements (~1000)
– includes font separately
– no more cute sea mammals :sadfrog:

Installation instructions:
1. Download and install Complete patch 1.0.
2. Download and extract Patch 1.2  into your game folder. (Overwrite files when prompted).
Note: You do NOT need to have English patch 1.1 installed, but you WILL need patch 1.0.

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68 comments on “Hoshimemo 1.2 + Dracu-Riot prologue
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, is staircasesubs gonna translate Hoshimemo Eternal Heart?
    because I’m curious about the after story and sadly I can’t read any Japanesse words T_T . . .
    I Hope if Hoshimemo Eternal Heart have an english patch too :))
    thank you . . .

  2. Unknown says:

    I’m using the 1.2 patch but there are still censors when it comes to the h-scene why?!

  3. HungryOne says:

    By any chance, will you be translating the menu instructions?
    Or perhaps you can give a guide to the menu and stuff.

    I’m kinda new to these types of game and reading it is enjoying me however I am having troubles of saving the game like “certain time that my brother entered and I closed the game without thinking and lost the progress I made.”

  4. Sandal says:

    I have recently got this game and patched it to english. Miu have not been translated, all other routes have been. The menu have been translated but the “Config” part and ingame (only the conversations and thoughts have been translated) are still in Japanese and i have no idea on how to save.. Anyone have a finished patch or some way to translate it?

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