Formal statement regarding our dismissal of editor.

In line with our idea to keep our audience informed and being as transparent as possible in our operations, we will now publicise the events leading up to the dismissal of our former editor ‘Eab1990’. The purpose of this statement is to clarify any remaining questions or doubts that have arisen from these events.

Eab1990’s dismissal was announced in this post on the 10 March 2012. The announcement at the time stated that ‘due to real life circumstances and other commitments, our editor will no longer be with us for Hoshimemo’.

We would like to apologise to all those following us that we did not report the events in detailed or truthful manner at the time—partly due to our immense disappointment in the actions conducted by someone we had worked with for over 12 months, and partly because we weren’t ready to approach the topic head-on given the timing of the incident.

Contrary to what was originally posted, Eab1990 neither had real life circumstances beyond what one would normally expect from a student in his tertiary studies, nor did he resign—as it was heavily implied in the original announcement. His dismissal was primarily due to two reasons;

i) unsatisfactory work ethics, resulting in poor performance and

ii) collaborating with third parties

Eab1990 work patterns were among the primary concerns regarding his involvement in Hoshizora no Memoria. The deadlines set at Staircase Subs were normally based on a reasonable working pace at 200 lines a day, which roughly equates to around 30 minutes of work for an average, goal-oriented individual. Eab1990 would always leave editing to the last 2-3 days, covering upwards of 1500 lines a day and completely wearing himself out.

We had become increasingly concerned with this approach to work, as it poses both health risks and reduction in the quality of the work. However, in the months leading up to his dismissal, Eab1990’s work ethics became increasingly concerning and our confidence in him reached an all-time low. On one such occasion he submitted his work 7 days past the deadline, causing disruptions and placing all our operations behind schedule.

In the week leading up to his dismissal, it had come to our attention that he was, in fact, collaborating with individuals unrelated to Staircase Subs. Some of the activities involved uploading our unfinished work to websites, and further sharing them without informing us. We were extremely disappointed when word of this reached us, as we all thought Eab1990 was a man of integrity—we at Staircase Subs refused to believe this until we confirmed the truth with him in person.

After viewing his declining performance objectively as well as his recent poor decision, we decided that it was in the best interests of his health and the timely completion of our project that we dismiss him. It was a tough decision for all of us to part with a colleague we had been working with, but it was a necessary measure. It fills us with much regret that someone who had endless potential jeopardised the entire project. Above all, we were greatly disappointed that someone whom we considered a friend would be capable of doing what he did.

Although we believed that we had done Eab1990 a favour by initially announcing his dismissal as a resignation, it was eventually clear to us that his collaboration with other parties (and how it coincided with his declining performance) was a likely attempt to derail our release of Hoshizora no Memoria. Following his dismissal, it has come to our attention that he has been making attacks against us, verbal or otherwise, and defaming our operations through various communication channels on the internet such as forums and imageboards. We are attempting to identify the source of his resentment towards us (to no avail), as he continues to spread misinformation and false accusations.

In an effort to right the wrongs and dispel the declining confidence in us that was caused by one man, we have made this formal statement to bring light to the issue to the general public who may be inclined to believe the defamatory comments you might see on the internet. We have taken appropriate measures and have reviewed our group structure to ensure that these events do not happen again.

We sincerely hope that our next announcement will be on a more positive note when we decide on our next project. We apologise once again for the inappropriate conduct of one of our former staff members, and we appreciate your understanding for the decisions that we made in tough times.

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25 comments on “Formal statement regarding our dismissal of editor.
  1. ojamajo_limepie says:

    Um, for your new project, would you be interested in translating AsuKimi? I’ve got all the tools and scripts, but my health has declined to the point where I don’t think I’ll ever be able to complete a translation. I’m in the hospital too often.

    Thanks for translating HoshiMemo.

    • Insemination says:

      We would love to help, but AsuKimi does not fulfil our project selection criteria. We wish you the best of luck in finding other translation groups.

    • Harry says:

      Someone is working on AsuKimi again? Finally! Ive been wanting to see that game for awhile and almost gave up on TLWiki and Dawning Blue. Hopefully you find someone soon! Id help but I know nothing about fantranslating.

  2. JKoolAid says:

    something im curious about but what is your project selection criteria? or is that classified info?

  3. Flarefear says:

    Can you tell us about the progress of hacking Dracu Riot? I would really appreciate this particular game to be translated and I am sure many others would agree.

    Thank you very much for translating Hoshizora no Memoria by the way. I have high expectations for your future projects. :)

    • Insemination says:

      There hasn’t been much progress, unfortunately. We have outsourced hacking to REtrans International earlier in the week, but have yet to receive a detailed progress report.

  4. LDC says:

    Whould you consider translating Subarashiki Hibi in the future?

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