Hoshimemo patch 1.1 + small status update

This patch fixes a number of issues with the 1.0 copy of the patch. Note that you will need to install the 1.0 patch first before using this installer.


Special thanks to a fellow called ‘Euphemism’ who provided us with a comprehensive list of errors.

As for Dracu-riot, we are still working on how to get the scripts extracted. So far we’ve got a raw text dump that’s in alphabetical order (lol) from extracting the strings in the script files, but reconstructing the actual scripts in a usable state will require more work. We’ll keep you guys updated.

EDIT (because people have been asking)

Changes from Complete Patch 1.0:
-shortcuts fixed
-translation documentation updated
-improvements to the scripts across 253 lines

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18 comments on “Hoshimemo patch 1.1 + small status update
  1. xt0xicx89 says:

    I’m sorry if this is bothersome, but is there a log of what it fixes?

  2. Kei-Tr says:

    Well, neither my “Staircase Custom Font disappear everytime when i restart my computer” and “opening movie is not working” problems still not solved.

    • anon says:

      Install the font manually. Install a codec pack and the movie problem should be solved.

    • Horseband says:

      First problem has been asked and answered/solved like 10 times in the original translation release comments.

      Second problem is listed right in the documentation provided with the translation. I don’t understand why people think manuals aren’t meant to be read. Shouldn’t it be common sense to check the documentation provided if you have a problem?

      Q: Why does the OP movie not play properly? Why does the game freeze after it plays? Install CCCP, and select ‘LAV video’ instead of ‘h264/avc’ in the codec settings. Make sure you have disabled CoreAVC if you have that installed. If your video still doesn’t play properly, you may simply rename the video to anything you want (or delete it entirely) and the game will skip video playback.

    • Kisaragi says:

      Just in case, Here is download link for the font.
      Download it, right click on the file, click install (On Windows 7).

  3. anon says:

    Hey Insemination, please let me ask something.
    Did you really had to make the english executable of this patch create a new “graph_vis” folder when we don’t have it each time it’s runned?
    I mean, I understand your reason for censoring Mare’s CG’s but I’m pretty sure that going as far as making this when we ourselves delete the folder that causes the censorship is not needed. Not even in a legal way since those CG’s are part of the original game. You releasing the translation that is composed mainly by the scripts should not be commiting any kind of law infringment related to child pornography since you don’t distribute any kind of pictures associated to that theme.

    Well, I’m grateful for all the effort you’re put into translating this Visual Novel. I’m really liking it so once again, you have my appreciation. It’s just that something like this doesn’t seem that much reasonable from my point of view.

    • Insemination says:

      Believe it or not, that mechanism was supposed to be in Complete Patch 1.0 but was overlooked when we got lazy and copy-pasted the code from an old patch which had the mechanism broken.

      As for our laws, you have to realise that we are indirectly promoting the distribution of such content on the internet by releasing a patch.

  4. Haiiro says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could fix the autoskip issue. I realize that it might not have been an issue you guys introduced, but are we supposed to read everything 7 times? (as I understand it, there are 7 routes). If you guys can somehow fix it or know a good way to bypass it, please do tell.

    • Insemination says:

      I’ve always just held down the ctrl button to skip. And no, I doubt the issue was introduced by us. You can complain to Favorite instead.

  5. Aregon says:

    Sorry for asking this, but I could’nt find the answer online. I’ve finished the mystery girl her route, but I have no idea how I enter Mare her route, can anyone help me?

  6. Sieg says:

    I have a question here. This new patch will not affect my previously saved games? That’s all, thank you for your hard work at translating this vn :)

  7. Horseband says:

    Hey insemination, during your time translating did you come across any files that would allow one to edit the max zoom limit in game? (IE the feature here you can zoom around the CG shown?)

    The limit is x2.0, which is pretty low IMO. I want to push it up to like x4.0. I’m hoping that it is defined in a configuration file and not hardcoded, but we’ll see.

    I’ll keep searching around and if I find the answer I’ll post it here so if anyone else wants to change it they can.

    • Insemination says:

      No, we haven’t nor have we explicitly looked for such configuration variables.

      • Horseband says:

        Well yeah I figured you wouldn’t have looked for something like that, just that maybe you came across the file. It’s a pretty obscure thing to want, so I’m not surprised.

        Anyways thanks for your time.

        • Insemination says:

          The game doesn’t have any configuration files, so to speak. Any changes to its functions require modifying the bytecodes.

          • Horseband says:

            Okay, thanks again. I have some experience with that but I don’t think it’s worth my time for something so trivial.

  8. Misteor says:

    Hey just wondering. is there by an chance an uncensor patch? most cg sets come up as censored but I remember viewing some on VNDB that were NOT censored. If you could please help.

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