Sora no Otoshimono Movie

The idea to do this came up randomly sometime last week.

[20:09] <PolynAzn> sub the SnO movie
[20:09] <~Insemination> what’s that>
[20:10] <@Squiggy> Sora no otshimono
[20:10] <@Squiggy> *o
[20:10] <@Squiggy> The movie
[20:10] <~Insemination> let other groups do that
[20:10] <@Squiggy> If you do, I’ll help out
[20:10] <PolynAzn> no one is doing it
[20:10] <PolynAzn> :<
[20:10] <@Squiggy> There’s only SuckDesu and Faildena
[20:10] <~Insemination> when’s it coming out?
[20:10] <PolynAzn> it did already
[20:10] <~Insemination> when?
[20:11] <PolynAzn> like last month
[20:11] <@Squiggy> Weeks ago
[20:12] <~Insemination> k
[20:12] <~Insemination> let’s do this


Insemination — TL

Squiggy — Timing, TS

PolynAzn — QC





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13 comments on “Sora no Otoshimono Movie
  1. redrock says:

    Any chance you will release a 720p version?

  2. Insemination says:

    Most likely not. You’ll have to live with 1080p.

  3. Vash says:

    Thanks for the release! <3 😀

  4. sleepy920 says:

    Damn, no 720p. Guess I’ll have to find a raw and slap your subs on them.

  5. anon says:

    Thanks, I thought all hope was lost for sure.

  6. afafaffa says:

    Anything will be better than the subs we’ve already had.

  7. Kurochan says:

    I’ll wait for DD links.

  8. Dave Justice says:

    Hey mate, if you’re not gonna release a 720p then could I please have your subs so I can slap them on a 720p BD raw? You do great work but my laptop can’t play 1080p without stuttering like a nervous virgin and I’d rather not go with, as you say, “SuckDesu” or “Faildena”, heh ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    • sleepy920 says:

      Did you already downloaded the file? If you did, download mkvtoolnix and then open “MKVExtractGUI2.exe” or something like that and check the .ass file and the fonts. Click extract and install the fonts on your laptop and then your done.

      Sidenote: If the raw you have doesn’t match with the timing of the subs you’ll have to do some time shifting with aegisubs.

    • noko says:

      Nobody should be forced to go with SubDESU or Hadena.

      • Dave Justice says:

        @noko: The desperate often do things they are not proud of, bro.

        @sleepy920: Worry not my friend, the dark secrets of mkvtoolnix have already been passed down to me by my grandfather, as did his grandfather before him and so on ever since the internet was first discovered on the moon by the Romans in 509BC.

        I haven’t downloaded the file yet because it’s over 5GBs and my Kuwaiti interwebs connection is capped. So it’d take me ages to download a file I can’t watch just to get my grubby hands on a small sub file. Which is honestly just tragic. Hence why I’m here asking for deliverance.

        I’ve already got a much smaller 720p raw anyhow and timeshifting with aegisub is easy enough if tedious. So does anyone mind being a total bro and providing me with those delicious subs? And I’m (probably) not talking about sandwiches! As Oliver Twist has been known to say: “Please sir, can I have some moar subs?”

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