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Project Announcement + unfinished business

This post is to make an official announcement regarding our major project: Dracu-Riot by Yuzusoft. Ideally, we wanted to start work on Dracu-Riot the day following its release on 31 March (which was why our release of the English Patch

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Formal statement regarding our dismissal of editor.

In line with our idea to keep our audience informed and being as transparent as possible in our operations, we will now publicise the events leading up to the dismissal of our former editor ‘Eab1990’. The purpose of this statement

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Hoshimemo patch 1.1 + small status update

This patch fixes a number of issues with the 1.0 copy of the patch. Note that you will need to install the 1.0 patch first before using this installer. Special thanks to a fellow called ‘Euphemism’ who provided us

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Sora no Otoshimono Movie

The idea to do this came up randomly sometime last week. [20:09] <PolynAzn> sub the SnO movie [20:09] <~Insemination> what’s that> [20:10] <@Squiggy> Sora no otshimono [20:10] <@Squiggy> *o [20:10] <@Squiggy> The movie [20:10] <~Insemination> let other groups do that

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