Hoshizora no Memoria – Complete Patch 1.0

Technically this isn’t an April Fools’ release, but 5 hours isn’t going to make much of a difference. Once again, thanks to oneoc for handling the technical operations. Time constraints have meant that we haven’t been able to implement many of the things we originally planned for. Should there be enough demand, we may spend time adding the finishing touches.

Make sure you patch your game with the bug-fix prior to installing our patch. Also, don’t forget to select the “Staircase Subs Custom” font from the in-game options or else you’ll get broken text. We would like to request that you do not distribute any of our translation patches with an illegal copy of the game.
If you’re going to pirate the game, at least keep it discreet. That’s all we ask.

Official bug-fix patch (from Favorite)

Complete Patch 1.0

If you have any issues with the patch, please leave a message here or on the helpdesk.

Our next project will be announced sometime soon; we don’t want to confirm anything until we’ve made sure that the game itself is at least hackable. The game engine is different from what we’re used to, and oneoc requires some time to get a feel for the engine and how it functions.

In other news, the Sora no Otoshimono movie is almost done. Squiggy just needs to do some typesetting and it’ll be ready for release. I realise other groups have released this a while ago, but the idea to do it literally came up on a whim.

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109 comments on “Hoshizora no Memoria – Complete Patch 1.0
  1. Savader says:

    Aw, man…I just finished the true route…I’ll admit that I let out two tears — yes, I counted them, when I was nearing the end. Very awesome story, and I want to give you one last ultimate ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!!, for going out of your way to translate this for us, who are illiterate in the Japanese language, haha. Really appreciate it, man.

    Btw — I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off when I saw the dolphins picture when Mare was supposed to be undressing. At first, I was like, “wtf?”, but then I couldn’t help but laugh…so suddenly random. But I understand that your laws stop you from showing that, but isn’t it allowed, since all you did was translate it? I mean, the CGs were already in the game, so it shouldn’t have been a problem for you, yeah? Besides — you still went through the trouble of translating what was going on, and while I haven’t played through Mare’s route just yet, I’d wager that you also translated her H-scenes, but left out the CGs, and replaced them with dolphins, just like in ***’s route, so isn’t that technically still against the law, if you’re going by that logic? Because it would then be considered as erotica depicting a child…just thought you could enlighten me at least. Thanks again, Insemination — regardless of the dolphins(lol, why dolphins though?). Can’t wait for your team’s next project…although, hopefully there aren’t any children heroines in it…

    • Horseband says:

      If you read the previous pages of comments insemination already commented on the reasoning behind the dolphins.

      Text is not considered pornography. It’s not against the law to write h scenes.

      • Savader says:

        But I still don’t see why he had to block the child pornography images, just because he translated the text…that doesn’t really make sense to me. It’s not like he added the CGs himself. He only translated the text — he had nothing to do with anything other than that…I’d think it’d be different if he were getting paid by Favorite to translate it into English, and once it’s brought to Australia and America, then it would have to be either censored or taken out of the game, since he would then be a part of the original team that went through the trouble of including child pornography…

        • Horseband says:

          He lives in Australia and believes that the Australian government could view it as him promoting CP by releasing the patch. It’s his right as the translator to do whatever he wants really to try and protect himself. Whether he is just being paranoid or has valid concern is up for debate.

          Australian government doesn’t play around when it comes to anime, CP, and sex. They recently had the “ban on small breasts” in porn (Anyone who appeared to be under 18, even if they were 50, would be considered under 18 and treated as child pornography.) They have strict laws in regards to sex and basically any law they have regarding regular porn is applied to anime. Even having anime with violent sex acts is considered illegal (IE anything with rape, which is like a ton of hentai and VN.)

          • Savader says:

            Oh, okay then. I understand completely. Thank you. But, I didn’t mean to sound upset or anything, I just thought it was odd. I totally agree that he should take caution with something so risky, then. Sorry if I seemed rude or anything. Thanks again for explaining this to me. And thank you, again, Insemination, for translating the game. I really enjoyed playing it!

  2. teiglin says:

    Thanks for the release. Just wanted to ask about something minor–when Taiga is talking about visible light, it sounds like he says the range is from 4000Å to 7000Å (angstroms), while you translate this as 400 to 700 nanometres. Obviously the two are mathematically equivalent, but I was wondering why you changed the units in the translation.

    Thanks again for the awesome release!

  3. Daniel says:

    When I reach the opening video, the video itself runs in a separate window from the game window. When the video ends, the video window does not close the game does not go on.
    I am stuck at this part and I would like to know how to go on.

    • Daniel says:

      For anyone else who may have gotten this error, I bypassed it just by renaming the video to something else; resulting in the game skipping the video.

  4. Kei-Tr says:

    Insemination sorry for bothering you but i like to ask you something. That’s already asked and answered i know but i have to ask.

    That dolphing thing you put at Mare’s HCG’s is April Fool’s joke or it is because Avustralian Laws? I know you already said that because from laws but my friend doesn’t believe me and still insist that is a joke.

  5. ken says:

    need help here i got some error like the data playing have error appear

  6. Jiburi says:

    Is there any way to avoid this ‘dolphin CG’ prank, and play the visual novel with it’s original HCGs? It would be appreciated if there was a alternative patch for this…

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