Status report.

A number of important changes since the last status update have resulted in this post, which I honestly didn’t want to type up because it’s all bad news.

Firstly, due to real life circumstances and other commitments, our editor will no longer be with us for Hoshimemo. What this means is that the release date set for 18 March is no longer feasible. I will be going over the final revision independently, and you will have to bear with me.

It also happens that Uni has started a couple days ago (and I’m not exactly having the time of my life).

[19:35] <Insemination> god damn it
[19:35] <Insemination> i just spent last year studying spirited away
[19:35] <Insemination> now i’m spending the next 6 months studying some soap opera
[19:36] <Insemination> about some pregnant 14-year-old
[19:37] <Insemination>
[19:49] <yipo123> Sounds pretty horrible.
[22:34] <Insemination> first week (3 days) of uni over
[22:34] <Insemination> ended up spending $200
[22:35] <Insemination> around 150 pages of reading to do over the weekend
[22:35] <Aaeru> .
[22:36] <Aaeru> fun course
[22:36] <Insemination> but >dat soap opera
[22:36] <Insemination> 60 min episodes
[22:36] <Insemination> and a total of 11 of them
[22:37] <Insemination> at least spirited away was only 2 hours at most
[22:37] <Insemination> but this shit……
[22:38] <Aaeru> how do you study it?
[22:39] <Aaeru> you get to watch TV for homework
[22:39] <Aaeru> that’s got to be cool
[22:39] <Aaeru> and J-TV too
[22:39] <Aaeru> er Jdorama
[22:40] <Insemination> well, we have to analyse it
[22:40] <Insemination> and men suck at literature
[22:40] <Insemination> full stop.
[22:42] <dirtyoldman> just be glad you only suck at it insem, could be worse, you could swallow too…..
[22:49] <Insemination> i have to watch the first 4 episodes by week 3
[22:57] <Aaeru> will you analyse an eroge for your course if they let you choose your own source?
[22:57] <dirtyoldman> haha, i can just imagine that presentation to the class
[22:59] <dirtyoldman> his term paper about innocent girls getting horribly horribly tentacle raped
[23:00] <Insemination> you mean post-modern literature?
[23:00] <Insemination> with art reminiscent of the romance and gothic movements
[23:01] <dirtyoldman> roflmfao
[23:01] <Aaeru> make sure to introduce your waifu
[23:01] <Aaeru> in class
[23:01] <dirtyoldman> oh god…
[23:01] <Insemination> and the macabre setting
[23:01] <Insemination> yes, i see the light now
[23:02] <Insemination> that’s how i’ll bull shit some analysis of some nukige
[23:02] <dirtyoldman> oh man it hurts laughing so hard
[23:02] <Insemination> about prepubescent girls getting raped
[23:02] <Insemination> by tentacles

Q: When is the release date?

A: Whenever I revise everything. Twitter is updated regularly. The target release date (note: TARGET) is ideally before 01 April, which we are supposed to announce our next project.

I don’t know how busy Uni will be in the coming weeks, so I can’t make any promises at the moment. I am dying to get this project over and done with (like how many of you are dying to play it).

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7 comments on “Status report.
  1. toxicx says:

    Thanks for the update. I appreciate your hard work in this. I have no problems waiting longer for the release date. Thanks again.

  2. Jen says:

    I can’t wait to play this game in english !I will be rooting for you

  3. robthebin says:

    Hope Uni gets better for you, and thanks for the hard work as usual!

  4. Ed says:

    Keep up your hard work in both this and uni!

  5. hack 5 says:

    thats okay ill wait please just pick a really good game for your next project

  6. lagmorph says:

    ganbatte bro

  7. Maou says:

    Keep up brother, thanks for the hard work.

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