Long overdue status post

It’s been well over a month since the last post on the blog, so I figured I should make one just to provide a little insight into what we’re up to at Staircase.

The translation for Hoshizora no Memoria is now complete. The scheduled patch release date is 18/03/2012.

We’ve come a long way since we first started, and I’m proud to have finished this. It’s been a bumpy ride with exams, C&Ds, hacking issues — you name it.

Editing is fair bit behind, so that’s being worked on.

Part of what we’ll be including for the complete patch are subbed EDs. However, unlike the game OP, the EDs are in fact slideshows. In order to translate them, we have decided to go with an inelegant method; that is, recording the slideshow and getting the game to play a video file instead. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the game engine, this is a somewhat tedious process in which we have to figure out the game’s “bytecode” (quoted from Oneoc. I have no idea what that means). Thus, engine hacking is still ongoing.

EDIT: Pic related. W.I.P for ED subbing.

Over the next month, I’ll be revising old game scripts. During the last few months, we had introduced many changes to how we handled script localisation. Hoshizora no Memoria was both my first attempt at translating visual novels, and my first attempt at translating anything. (In retrospect, jumping straight into a VN wasn’t exactly a wise decision). Likewise, our editor also had little experience in editing at the time.

Unfortunately, this means we have to go over the scripts repeatedly. We can only blame our inexperience, really. So basically, after a lot of trial and error, various epiphanies of the sort, we have established our set of clear-cut style guidelines. Previous scripts will be revised so that they all conform to our current guidelines. I don’t even know how many times we’ve done this, but hopefully this will be the last.

I’m also sure people are getting curious as to what we’ll work on next. We have a few game candidates for our next project, but nothing concrete at the moment. However, being the superficial person I am, I can guarantee right now that it’ll be visually appealing.

Our next project will be announced on 01/04/12.

And for those who are bound to ask: No, I won’t be working on Eternal Heart.

On an unrelated note, I finally got my Uni timetable. Uni starts on the 5th of March for me. Do not want ;_;


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37 comments on “Long overdue status post
  1. Crimeson says:

    Delta :
    Yay! Good work Guys! Now just need to wait ^_^
    By The way, Can I Suggest the English Translation of Eternal Reccurence (Full Version).
    CAuse I Really Love The song! Thanks Guys! Keep it Up!

    Yeah! Keep up the Good work Guys!
    I Agree to Delta, Guys can you please Translate Eternal Reccurence (The Full Song) to english? Same here, I Love the song I just want the full version translated if possible ^^

    Again, Thanks and Goodluck in your future works 😀

  2. Thorn says:

    Translate something short like Eden, or gothic delusion. Both seem up your ally

  3. Kago says:

    Delayed release date? No problem. As long as it gets done, nothing matters.

    Now onto the sensitive topic. I’m saying this as an outsider – being an Asian probably has an effect on my ideology about family as well – but really, fights between family members are everything but fortunate and welcomed things. I sincerely hope you and your mother get to the same understanding and solve the matter at hand peacefully.

    …If it’s somehow related to you translating erotic stuff everyday (I’m just guessing blindly, sorry if it offends you) then all the more reason for you to take it easy and push back the release date I think.

  4. Oo says:

    Hmm can translate flyable candyhearts? Or start translating dracu-riot. Both of them make me anxious

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