First post of the year.

This poll is just to get a rough idea on how to handle references to foodstuffs in the game. If most people who play this game know a lot about Japanese cuisine, it’ll save me the trouble of trying to explain it (whether it be a subscript annotation or a TL note). Kosame’s route has a number of sexual references relating to food, and we’re deciding on how to successfully reproduce them for an English audience without detracting from the original intention of the scene — the last thing we want is for the reader to have to Google some obscure Japanese food, because that would obviously ruin the overall experience.

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17 comments on “First post of the year.
  1. Kago says:

    If those references come with puns, ugh, it would be a real pain to look up for the meanings and understand them. So yeah, I would rather have them explained for me (lazy I know I am).

  2. baSefrie says:

    Same for me. Please explain it. :)

  3. Padre says:

    Localizing/translating the food terms would probably be a good idea. Having to Google for ’em isn’t exactly a major problem, but it would be a hassle.

    I remember 4Kids trying to substitute onigiris with donuts/sandwiches/bread when they were handling the localization of Pokemon in the late 90s. I think they eventually just gave up and called them rice balls.

  4. royne says:

    when will you release the next patch? what route will it included?

    • Insemination says:

      01/04/12. Everything.

      • Kago says:

        April 1st… Is there any deeper meaning in the release date or it is just coincident?

      • royne says:

        eeeh… can you please at least make komomo’s route patch before the ‘final’ one? because she is my favourite girl/route and I want to play it badly now since it already edited :(

        • Insemination says:

          By that logic, I’d have to make a patch for anyone who asks for one for their “favourite girl”.

          • Roxie says:

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  5. Kago says:

    Earlier release date will probably be good for everyone, but for me I think not. Some huge self-restraint I’m gonna have to put up to keep me from playing eroge, since I will have been deep in studying for uni exam by the end of March. *sigh*

    …rants rants rants…

    Anyway, gratz on your great progress. I have been following (stalking?) the project page for a while, and I can definitely tell the translating speed being picked up during these past weeks. Hope you keep up the good work!

  6. nova150 says:

    lil’ question!

    Does the patch will work on Vista or will we have to wait a day or two for a fix? I remember what happened with Isuzu patch…

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