I haven’t been hit by a truck just yet.

[22:03] <~Insemination> well, the people are a bit ill-mannered
[22:03] <robthebin> Expected, lol
[22:03] <~Insemination> and the traffic is terrible
[22:03] <robthebin> I like the xiao long bao there I guess
[22:04] <~Insemination> honking everywhere
[22:04] <~Insemination> and the cars don’t exactly make way for pedestrians
[22:04] <~Insemination> if you get what i mean

Posting this from a cafe with free wifi. Haven’t found the time to go on the internet for the past few days. I’m surprised they haven’t blocked wordpress and whatnot. (Twitter and Facebook are blocked). Tried to SSH tunnel through the filter to no avail. Had a look at the (remains) of last year’s World Expo; the remaining Saudi Arabia Pavilion “Moonboat” was shit.

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7 comments on “I haven’t been hit by a truck just yet.
  1. Shini says:

    That’s weird. WordPress was totally blocked when I went to China last year… I couldn’t even check my own blog.

  2. morph says:

    Hi, are you planning to release patch with Asuho route before Xmas? It would be nice xmas gift:)

    Anyway thank you for translating the game and wish you merry xmas.

  3. Kago says:

    How is your editor doing? I’m seeing several routes translated (3 now) but the editing hasn’t started at all…

    • Insemination says:

      He’s the type that leaves everything till the last minute. I wouldn’t be too concerned if I were you, seeing how he’s adhered to all previous deadlines.

  4. Kago says:

    I was a little concerned that the editing progress falling so far back, so thank you for clearing it up. Everything is fine then I suppose. Wish you a Happy New Year!

  5. TheRapist says:

    Yeah that was really messed up- I went to the expo when it was active, and the only reward for my FIVE HOUR WAIT getting into the Saudi Arabia pavilion was… exactly what you described. Beautiful on the outside, meh on the inside. The Japanese one was also beautiful on both fronts, though the American one, the most entertaining in my opinion, was only even worth of note once you got inside. Thank God for my US passport, wouldn’t have happened otherwise. And don’t get me started on China’s… unless you get there at 5am and were prepared to wait until the late afternoon, or were friends with / related to a government official… best of luck. Breathtaking though.

    Good luck not getting run over! The trick is to have white people in your group. My meimei (host sister) and the asians with me made sure to stay close… :/

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