Part II of Spanking Party.

Translation: When did they stop using honorifics?

Translation: Actually, they weren’t using honorifics this morning either.

Translation: Could Airi have been threatened by that maggot or something?

Comment: People really do need to learn how to properly accent natural speech.

Translation: I’ll prepare a maid uniform for Nii-san at once.

Comment: Alright is not all right.

Translation: I’m currently borrowing this room.

Translation: When Angie came to work at Yuijo, Ranka-san [the principal] told her she could use the room as she pleased.

Comment: You don’t capitalise words after commas.

That was more or less the first half of the episode. I give up; my body can’t take any more of this. I have better things to do than taking screenshots and providing commentary on funny lines. I’ll look forward to seeing lots of spanking.

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5 comments on “Part II of Spanking Party.
  1. AzureHakua says:

    >Comment: Alright is not all right.

    I disagree. Alright is a word de facto. Since they’re using American English, and the fact that it represents normal speech, it’s fine. There’s nothing actually wrong with it unless that is a conventional error.

    • Insemination says:

      “All right” was used throughout episodes 1-3. But screw consistency, amirite?

      • AzureHakua says:

        Well, they’re technically no longer in a joint with Staircase, so I guess they have some sort of argument. But seriously, why do you need 2 TLCs and 4 QCs? >.< I can't say for the Japanese, but I'm an editor/QC, so I can safely say 5 people working on one English script is kinda sad…

  2. Niggerman says:

    And unfortunately, for anyone who doesn’t know a bit of Japanese such as myself, I’d never have known the difference.

    Unless it’s seriously fucked up in the episode, which I’ve been putting off watching.

  3. robthebin says:

    Tank and spank

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