Farewell gift from Staircase to Zenyaku.

Since I more or less left on a whim, I never really said goodbye. To show our friendship with Zenyaku, I have decided to do a little QC check on episode 5 of Mashifoni. Best of luck to Zenyaku and their new partners, ACIFT. We bless them wholeheartedly. I’ll be doing things Dark_Sage-style for this particular post.

Two TLCs and four QCs? I am thoroughly impressed. Since I’m rather sadistic, I’ll be doing my best to have the four people spanked. This is too good an opportunity to miss. You even asked for it, DTry. So let’s get down to business.

I’ll compare their translation to how I would have translated the line. I’ll ignore any poor sentence phrasing unless it affects the meaning of the sentence. I’ll be pointing out incorrect usage of English too.

Original: まるで友達みたいに…

Translation: as if we’re friends…


Original: 何なの、私?Bye bye とか言っちゃて

Translation: What was I thinking? I even said “bye bye” to him…

Original: いつもどおり明日の予習を…

Translation: [I have to] prepare for tomorrow’s classes like I usually do…

Original: Can’t be fucked anymore.

Translation: That’s why I rejected the boys who entered Yuijo.

Translation: He was different from the very start.

Comment: This line was difficult to localise. However, it’s one week, not three.

Translation: I want to convince myself that he’s different.

Translation: The school can’t take responsiblity for the activities of an unofficial club like yours.

Translation: Have you decided to disband us?

Translation: Would things be different if we were an official club?

Comment: No Amigo! There is no mention of it being “new”. Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense because he’s never smelled her shampoo prior to this scene.

Translation: Are you the type who takes a bath in the morning?

Comment: Naisu wapanese desu~

Comment: Do all Americans talk like this?

I’ll finish the rest of the episode after I wake up. I got carried away and had too much fun (and it’s 3:30 in the morning already).
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2 comments on “Farewell gift from Staircase to Zenyaku.
  1. Blah says:

    >Comment: This line was difficult to localise. However, it’s one week, not three.

    Man, they must really suck with numbers, because I was watching their R-15 and they managed to miss digits in pi.

  2. TamaSaga says:

    Numbers huh? Check the next episode preview! I was very surprised to see that one…

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