Zenyaku-SC no more.

[14:54] <Insemination> sorry guys, but i quit

This may have been a short venture into the fansubbing industry, but it was certainly a worthwhile experience for me. When I approached Zenyaku for a joint to improve their releases, I thought it was going to be a cakewalk.

Part of fansubbing involves following a tight schedule — something my real life priorites simply won’t allow me. I’d much rather spend ten hours a week working whenever I wanted, as opposed to spending two stressful hours trying get ahead of rivalling sub-groups (to steal downloads).

Perhaps it’s due to my OCD perfectionist nature , but I would spend a lot more effort than necessary on every release —I know it’s only 2 episodes so far— nitpicking everything I could find. Having our name on the releases was a double-edged sword: if we fuck up, we make ourselves look like idiots; if we leave a good impression, we’d become more reputable. I was under a lot of pressure. Overworked? Maybe. I spent just as much time working on an episode as I would have normally had I translated the episode from scratch. Not exactly worth the effort for a joint.

The guys over at Zenyaku have been a pleasure to work with, and are very cooperative. I know I’ve been been rather overbearing in enforcing my localisation style on the releases, so pulling out from the joint (no sexual innuendo intended) seems quite selfish. But I am only human.

Best of luck to them in their future endeavours. Staircase Subs will stick with eroge until a new generic harem show manages to catch our attention.

On an unrelated note, the Irosekai OP, “Aletheia”, by Eufonius should be out in the next couple of days. Hopefully, that’ll come with lyrics to the Engrish. The .ass subtitle file has been sitting on our SVN for months now.

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6 comments on “Zenyaku-SC no more.
  1. Khentai says:

    I guess its a good thing. Gives more time to continue Hoshizora right? xD

  2. The dude that checks this site everyday says:

    It’s a good thing yeah, more time for Hoshizora <3

  3. なでこ says:

    Yes, do keep working on Hoshimemo. 😀
    eufonius’ recent songs all have some random gibberish language thrown in; it’s never in actual English and it’s never in the official lyrics, so don’t get your hopes up…

  4. Korokun says:

    Well, stick to what you know best right? You’ve felt the pro’s and con’s of fansubbing, so I don’t blame you for turning tail and running. Miss ya though. But oh well. However, comma if you feel like working for me, I’ll treat you good and make sure your well compensated… if ya’ know what I mean.

  5. Korokun says:

    Ah I see. Well feel free to quote unquote talk to me about other things if it suits your interests. All you have to do is find me on mirc.

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