Mashifoni 03: Nii-san, we have lied again.

Here’s episode 3 of the most generic show this season…

A joint with the folks at Zenyaku.

Yes, we lied. We said we weren’t going to be involved in this episode, but we did it anyway. I have HSCs on, and our editor is busy with college. But due to an unfortunate turn of events, our intervention was necessary.


<Treize-kun> Insemination: is your editor going to keep working on it?
<Insemination> i don’t know [14:08:25]
<Insemination> we are both pretty busy this week [14:08:31]
<Treize-kun> Okay… [14:08:48]
<Treize-kun> So, you’re not working on it at all? [14:09:22]
<Insemination> don’t count on me this time; that’s all i can say [14:09:59]
<Treize-kun> Okay. [14:10:16]
<Insemination> these exams are pretty important to me [14:10:26]
<Insemination> uni entrance etc [14:10:33]

At least I gave them a heads-up 48 hours in advance…


<Klownzie> he said you shouldn’t count on him for this episode [06:42:16]
<Klownzie> examsn and stuff [06:42:23]
<DTryPleX|Mashiro> That’s what he said for the last ep too [06:42:34]
<DTryPleX|Mashiro> thing is [06:42:36]
<DTryPleX|Mashiro> if we don’t get it to him first, we’re dead if D_S checks it lol [06:42:46]

Dark_Sage. The biggest grammar nazi on the internet who will surely buttrape any release. Buttrape a release with our name on it? DO NOT WANT.


<DTryPleX|Mashiro> ping Insem as much as you can until he responds, if not, go to emergency measures lol [07:12:14]
<DTryPleX|Mashiro> Go to his house and rape his sister [07:12:34]

But I don’t have a sister! (I wish I did).


<@D4rkFactor> why so fucking itchy to get it out asap? [08:57:34]
<DTryPleX> Cuz it’s our only leverage [08:57:44]
<DTryPleX> on other groups [08:58:04]

Don’t worry. Our competition consists of;
– Oyatsu: a group consisting of some Britons who think regurgitating dictionary definitions is adhering to true Nipponese spirit. So their release consists of grammatically correct sentences that sound retarded.
– Doki: also a bunch of Britons. Last time I checked, they didn’t know the difference between “practise” and “practice” — and they were the ones who invented the bloody language in the first place.


[17:27] <~DTryPleX> You really can’t even spare 30 min to look over the script or smt?
[17:27] <Insemination> i’ll work extra hardo modo after my exams are over
[17:28] <~DTryPleX> You don’t have to check everything
[17:29] <Insemination> but then that defeats the purpose of TLCing
[17:30] <Insemination> if i’m not going to do a proper job, i won’t do it

We either do it, or we don’t. No half-assed shit.


[20:34] <~DTryPleX> Like this, we basically can’t release if there’s no one to TLC it…
[20:48] <Insemination> ah jesus christ
[20:48] <Insemination> i’ll do it
[20:51] <~DTryPleX> I love you Insemination

No homo.


[20:56] <Squiggy> like a boss

Yes, like a boss…


[23:18] <Insemination> cannot continue
[23:18] <Insemination> physically
[23:21] <Insemination> i’ll upload what i’ve done
[23:22] <Insemination> i’ll wake up and finish the remaining 4 minutes or so tomorrow

…maybe not.


<DTryPleX> okay, looks like this release is delayed by a day [01:27:51]
<DTryPleX> That way Insem can check the final piece of the ep too… [01:28:32]

Not my fault~

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15 comments on “Mashifoni 03: Nii-san, we have lied again.
  1. Dys says:

    lol, ridicule us more at some point when you’re not jointing with Zenyaku.

    • Insemination says:

      Who are you?

      EDIT: I see you’re from Doki.
      >when you’re not jointing with Zenyaku
      I’ll look forward to the day when you’re not a week late on releases.

      • Hannah says:

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      • Örülök, hogy ízlett Neked így nem kókuszrajongónak is 😉 Bár a friss kókusz szerintem teljesen más, mint a dobozos kókusztej vagy a szúrós szikkadt reszelék – sokkal enyhébb, kellemesebb, a zsiradék sokat számít benne.Szerintem porcukor nélkül nem az igazi – hacsak nem enyhén rothadt és ezáltal eleve édes a kókusz húsa. Azt a nagyon kevés porcukrot érdemes rászitálni. Nem kandírozni, csak rászitálni – kicsit jobban kihozza az ízeket.

      • http://www./ says:

        I don’t think it’s so much tearing him up inside as he is tearing her up inside. Fact: This is the most incestuous you can get in a three way outside of the great and prideful state of Alabama.

      • http://www./ says:

        If you’re reading this, you’re all set, pardner!

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      • Hey, you’re the goto expert. Thanks for hanging out here.

      • http://www./ says:

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  2. DTryPleX says:

    Wall of text + butthurt Doki member = Gold Post!

    DTryPleX hugs Insemination.

  3. robthebin says:

    ping Insem as much as you can until he responds, if not, go to emergency measures lol [07:12:14]


  4. BigBoss90It says:

    Thank you for the episode!

  5. AvidElite says:

    I’m from Oyatsu, and none of us are Brits.

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