Mashifoni episode 02

Remember how we said that weren’t interested in animu? Well, we kinda lied. Our editor and I have always been Mashifoni fans, and were disappointed when NNL cancelled Swells. However, fast-forward a year and the anime adaptation is coming out. Without the manpower, resources and expertise in fansubbing, Staircase Subs approached the kind fellows at Zenyaku. After demonstrating our porn-game prowess, we blackmailed proposed a joint venture with their leader, DTryPleX, to deliver arguably the most generic and pointless show of the season. But who the fuck cares? It’s pretty and shiny. Shit plots can be forgiven if you have the aesthetics to back it up.

What have we to offer in terms of the joint? Well, I’ll be TLCing and possibly helping out with the translation from time to time.  And our editor? Well, given that he can grammar-nazi scripts that are over a  hundred times longer and have fewer than ten errors, a short 400 line animu episode is like a cakewalk— not to mention the Zenyaku staff will be keeping an eye out too.

Unlike some groups —such as Doki— which are actively expanding into the porn game industry, Staircase Subs has finally realised the futility of this niche fanbase. There is no future in porn. There is no fun when only a couple thousand people will ever read your translation. There is no fun when someone calls your game shit immediately after you release a patch. There is no fun when you get your cock sucked in yearly intervals. Heck, I bet no one is even going to care about this post due to how insignificant we are…

Anyway, grab the release at Zenyaku.


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