Isuzu Patch v1.1 released.

This patch was planned a long time ago. Due to the time constraints with the initial release of the Isuzu Partial Patch (we were trying to release in time for our one-year anniversary), there was a lot of stuff unpolished in the release. It was partially my fault for not planning ahead properly, as I initiated a script overhaul over the last two weeks leading up to the deadline. Editing was already behind at that point, and we were only able to go over the first 10k lines or so.

In case I haven’t explained this before, the overhaul was to bring the earlier scripts up-to-standard with the later scripts. We’re always trying to improve the scripts, but “perfection” always seems to be out-of-reach. Anyway, content-wise, there is no difference from the old Isuzu Patch. If you’ve played that already, there is no point in downloading this revised version.

Apart from English fixes everywhere, this patch is also our first one without any trolling in it. Ever wondered what that 0.02% troll was in the initial release? Now, with all due respect, I think the little mischief we included in the patch was for a good cause — it made the world a better place*.

Rest assured, because we never use the same troll twice (because that’s bad taste). So unfortunately, some concept images had to be scrapped.

*P.S. Thanks for the photoshopping, Squiggy.

On an unrelated note, editing for Asuho’s route should be starting soon, while translation for Komomo’s route is well underway.

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12 comments on “Isuzu Patch v1.1 released.
  1. Anonymous says:

    In the beginning, where you read “Chinami slept in, slept in, slept in—-!!”, I get an error about “etc/038”.
    Excuse me if this is an issue that is easily resolved.

  2. james says:

    excuse me, can you upload the fixed thing on a differnt site? favo soft isnt working or something, much help would be appreciated

  3. tf141 says:

    When are you due to release the Asuho patch? btw thk you, the common route and its translations were but awesome!

  4. OwJ says:

    Totally agreed with tf141 about the translations. Thanks for the hard work!

  5. Mikko says:

    I playied it till the opening popped up all of a sudden. So that’s as far as it was translated correct? Just checking ’cause the game won’t go past that ^^

  6. Maverick says:

    Hiii~~~ I just wanted to thank you guys for this awesome patch!
    I’m pretty sure that a lot of people appreciate all your hardwork! Keep it up ! And I’ll be looking forward to future patches !

  7. Floatte says:

    umm.. after the OP end, the text still in japanese..
    is the patch only translate until the OP end?
    if not, why i have this problem? thanks 😀

  8. Anonymous says:

    do you have a mirror link for isuzu patch? i can’t download from it

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