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Irosekai OP

So I waited three months for the official lyrics only to find that the Engrish was, in fact, gibberish. Well played, eufonius. I’ve been thoroughly trolled. We are not going to work on this game. This OP was done just

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Zenyaku-SC no more.

[14:54] <Insemination> sorry guys, but i quit This may have been a short venture into the fansubbing industry, but it was certainly a worthwhile experience for me. When I approached Zenyaku for a joint to improve their releases, I thought

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Mashifoni 03: Nii-san, we have lied again.

Here’s episode 3 of the most generic show this season… A joint with the folks at Zenyaku. Yes, we lied. We said we weren’t going to be involved in this episode, but we did it anyway. I have HSCs on,

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Mashifoni episode 02

Remember how we said that weren’t interested in animu? Well, we kinda lied. Our editor and I have always been Mashifoni fans, and were disappointed when NNL cancelled Swells. However, fast-forward a year and the anime adaptation is coming out.

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