Exams again.

>first of many HSC exams coming up within 24 hours

>spend time working on Japanese porn game OP instead of studying

It’s been a while since I last K-timed. It’s actually a lot of fun. Shame that I don’t know Adobe After Effects. I’d love to replicate those feather effects with the karaoke itself, instead of the boring fill-effects.


Translation will be slowing down for obvious reasons in the upcoming months, as you can see from the timetable below.

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6 comments on “Exams again.
  1. loved the name of the scheduled “my body is not ready” xD

    I feel your pain D:

  2. Skarlath says:

    Oh hey it’s NSB. 😀 Seems like you’re not living in Melbourne as i had originally thought, and also turns out it’s actually possible for me to bump into you in the city sometime…XD

    Anyways, good luck for your HSC, Chem, Japanese Extension and Maths Extension 1 are probably the hardest subjects you have there. Just hoping that you don’t drop this project after finishing the HSC, or disappearing mysteriously only to turn up months later saying you dropped it.

  3. morph says:

    Will you release Irotoridori OP with karaoke? Or was it just tease? Dont worry about the effects, boring ones are better than nothing.

    Anyway thanks for the hard work.

    • Insemination says:

      I have the translation and k-timing done already, so that’s a solid “yes” to your first question. The only reason why I haven’t released the OP is because of some gibberish/Engrish/undecipherable lines (which are really bothering me at the moment). The single will be out sometime this month, so hopefully the official lyrics will get released.

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