Happy Birthday to us.

It started off as one guy who wanted some e-fame and to troll a bit, but has never translated a single line from an anime episode. Translating a Japanese porn game was simply out of the question. Nevertheless, he decided to translate something, perhaps out of stupidity- or even autism. His selection criterion? It had to have scenery porn. Lots and lots of it.

However, he ends up realising that he didn’t know a single word of programming. Splendid. Why did he completely neglect programming when starting the translation? Not all was lost, however, and after explaining the situation to a real life friend of his —who happens to be an aspiring programmer, and shares an interest in the eroge medium— the two form Staircase Fansubs.

A few months later sees the formation of an editing partnership between Staircase Fansubs and EveTaku, a manga scanlation group with a staff count of less than five people. Fast forward a few more months, and said manga scanlation group has become massive after moving into fansubbing…

That’s the story, anyway.

Without going into too much about the specifics, I have initiated  a split with EveTaku due to my recent deteriorating relationship with their staff. I’d like to think that working together has been a meaningful experience for both groups, but all good things must come to an end. We were working on different mediums, had different target audiences, and the staff had very different interests when compared to ours. It was inevitable.

Editing for Hoshizora no Memoria was done solely by one person from their team. In other words, there was never any need for a joint between us. Their editor was the string loosely tying us together. So in the end, we decided to NTR Eab1990.  He now works directly as a part of Staircase Fansubs, rather than on behalf of EveTaku. Problem solved.

In the end, nothing has really changed for you, the reader. That was just to fill in some space to make this post seem more meaningful.

Anyway, here’s the partial patch for Isuzu. Wordwrapping requires installation of our custom font (provided in the patch). Simply select it in the in-game options. Translation documentation is also provided in a PDF format. Make sure you run the game in Japanese locale.

<<<Make sure you grab the official bug-fix patch provided by Favorite beforehand.>>>

Windows XP/Vista users will need to download and install an additional OS fix to enable patch compatibility.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Download and install Favorite’s bug-fix patch.

2. Download and install Isuzu Partial Patch after step one has been completed.

3. Download and install OS fix after steps one and two if you are running Windows XP or Vista.

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  2. This may be my fav, too Vix! The history is so incredible. I too was a Madonna type, only I took to the look of Prince, and saw Purple Rain a dozen times. I had a spiral perm on top with a straight mullet-style tail in back that went into a long point. I wore only 1 earring and lots of leggings and giant tops buttoned to the top of my throat! This is so much fun :)

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