I won’t be talking about story here, as I’ve had enough of analysing shit in English at school. Furthermore, I’ve only read three routes in this game, so it wouldn’t be a fair judgement.

The art was mostly fine, but there were major tonal discrepanices between CGs and character sprites. Hoshimemo certainly suffered from inconsistencies in art style, but I preferred the vibrant colours as opposed to the bland palette used for Noble Works. Perhaps Favorite overworked themselves in eyecandy/scenery porn when they made Hoshimemo back in early 2009, because the only thing artwise that Noble Works excelled at was its 1280*720 base resolution, as opposed to Hoshimemo’s 800*600. Though Hoshimemo’s CGs are 1600*1200, so… here’s a little comparison.

In terms of audio, Noble Works was rather lacklustre completely shit. Not a single memorable BGM. Most games have a large number of forgettable tracks, but often make up for it with one or two gems. Yuzusoft apparently thinks it’s okay to have a shit soundtrack. The OP/EDs weren’t any better, and the voice acting was average (which pretty much applies to any game released within the last five or six years).

In the end, the saving grace of this slice-of-life drama with mediocre art and a pathetic sense of musical taste is undeniably Sena. She played a large role in my enjoyment of the game just from her perveted fantasies alone. Maybe it’s because you don’t see characters like her a lot (and I found her character design to be pretty good), but she’s so kawaaiiii uguuuuu~ raburabu <3 Oh yes, did I mention that if this game ever gets an anime adaptation, there’s a high chance that all the retards from K-ON would start worshipping her instead?

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