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EDIT: Well, who would’ve thought? Once again, thanks to 0neoc.

If you’ve been keeping track on Twitter, then you should know that I’ve finished my assessments (for now). I’ve got around 2 weeks of school holidays, so I’ll be tanking the rest of Isuzu’s scripts. Progress can be found on the project page, as per usual. I’ve made keeping track easy for you all by colour coding the production phases and their respective progress.

As the announcement on the menu bar suggests, I’m aiming for an early August release. I’m almost certain that I’ll get the remaining 2.3k text blocks from Isuzu’s route done by then. I can’t say much for editing. Editing tends to go faster than translating, so hopefully that’ll catch up soon.

Hacking should progress a bit over these holidays. Our previous patches screwed up the backlog somehow. 0neoc, our hacker, is trying to figure out how to replace speakertags without causing the character avatars to disappear. This one has always been on our agenda.

Also, a long-overdue comparison between the old and new font. They’re both modified versions of Sazanami Gothic, which we’ve deemed to be the most legible and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve considered shrinking the font even more, but it becomes a pain to read. Looking at screenshots of the splendid job Cudder did with Flyable Heart, I’ve decided that this is probably as small as it gets. The new font fits 204 characters per text box, whereas the old one could only manage around 180.

Anyway, what to expect in the next patch;

– A revised version of the common route. I’ve introduced some more aggressive grammar outlines. One of the major changes you’ll see is correct usage of pronoun capitalisation, which we managed to fuck up last time.

– Character lines should be more consistent. I believe that editing has seen Eab go back over the prologue to standardise some character lines, among other tweaks here and there.

– New and improved font so that some lines don’t get cut off. Some still do, but there are very few text blocks that go over the 204 character threshold.

– A total of 24725 lines translated. That is, the entirety of the common route at 18749 text blocks, and the Isuzu character route at 5976 text blocks. Any files I translate outside of that will not be included in the patch.

– Cirno Hijack mechanisms will be removed. Your mouse cursor and wallpaper will be safe. The patch will be 99.95% 99.98% troll-free.

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10 comments on “Nothing better to post
  1. robthebin says:

    99.95% troll-free, I lol-ed.

  2. A mysterious magician says:

    You’re good people. Keep it up.

  3. im curious as to what the other .05% troll will be o.o

  4. Padre says:


    As am I ._.

  5. Maxe says:

    I’m pretty much just a shameless leecher, so I’m ready for whatever kind of trolling you gonna throw at me. Having a big ass VN translated for free is already a more than enough compensation for me…
    Well anyway, keep up the hard work guys. You know that there will always be one person (dats’ meh) who is grateful for your effort.

  6. jspie says:

    I always love those humble cocksuckers, they’re always too afraid to ask for something better because they don’t think they deserve anything but their butts devastated by cudder level trolls. And they love it and defend it, even take pride in being some kind of comedy martyrs.
    Living in eastern European post soviet country I come across plenty of cases like this but seeing it so much on the internet puzzles me. Maybe it some kind of neet weeaboo self hate stigma.

    • Insemination says:

      Ah, but if nobody sucked translator cock, there wouldn’t be any translations. Besides, no one was forcing people to download Cudder’s shit.

      • jspie says:

        Well, there is difference between showing support while voicing suggestions and expectations (if translators give a single fuck is a completely different issue) and shouting “shit on my face, I’ll take anything!”.

  7. Insemination says:

    The difference is trivial. Either way, I get my cock sucked- and that’s all that counts.

  8. Anonymous says:

    LOL wat would saya say?

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