Route announcement + editing behind the scenes + general status

EDIT: Well… fuck.


Before I go into the main agenda for this post, here’s a few screenshots of E.Bison’s exchange with a number of cynical anons. It might be interesting too take a look at what the guy who’s rewriting the script making the English more pleasant to read has to say about his line of work. We might all learn to appreciate his work. He’s definitely more enthusiastic about editing than some others with the same job, which can partially be attributed to his love for [highlight here–> annoying <–highlight here] little sisters. If you’re curious as to whether Chinami is blood-related or not, I have a nice little link in the “Related Sites” drop-down menu, amongst a bunch of links to other resources such as a voice actor database and a hymen-checker.

TL;DR: I use too many unnecessary hyphens. Our editor has OCD.

So, which route?

Some of you may remember the poll(s) from a while back. I certainly don’t. But here they are to refresh some of your memories.

Now, I realise that most of you were probably suspicious that we would put these polls up. I mean, our track record hasn’t been perfect- we’ve had a lot of amusements going on with the Anti-fail installer and the Cirno Patch in the past. What makes you think that we’ll actually follow the poll results? Wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity to pull off another dick-move and betray everyone’s hopes and expectations?

After the character poll was closed, the results were in favour of Komomo. It was surprising as I didn’t know that twin-tailed tsunderes were that well-received. It was a pleasing result nonetheless, as she was the one whom I had voted for.

However, being the completely honest and well-natured person that I am, I have stayed true to the results of the poll. The majority of the voters wanted me to take the character poll results into account, and I have thus delivered. So instead of pulling a dick-move and proceeding to translate the route of my own preference, I have chosen, after giving it some serious thought, our blue-haired, sharp-tongued and flat-chested junior, who I have determined to be unloved. So in order to (hopefully) boost public opinion of a highly deep, misunderstood and unappreciated character, I began working on her route with unparalleled vigour and enthusiam.

Project status

Translation: I’ve got my trial HSCs coming up in about three weeks. The exams are worth 50% of my school assessment mark. I’ll be studying like crazy. Everything will be on hold until I’m done with them.

Hacking: Some amendments needed for the wordwrapping script due to the new font breaking messing up the current line breaks, in addition to causing game crashes. I believe I posted a sample screenshot of it in a Twitter post, so dig it up if it interests you. Hacker also has his HSC trials coming up, so it’ll be a while before he looks into that (We go to the same high school. What do you expect?).

Editing: As far as I know, our editor wants to do another pass on the common route- that is, from common 01 to common 12. At almost 19k text blocks, there is a lot of room for improvement in consistency, fixing overlooked errors and whatnot. [For reference, Saya no Uta had 3.8k text blocks, Swan Song had under 13k, while Symphonic Rain clocks in at just a bit over 29k].

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9 comments on “Route announcement + editing behind the scenes + general status
  1. HedHod says:

    I knew it would happen

  2. slmkaz says:

    So are the routes going to be in backwards order of the poll then, or will it be done in a magnificent unpredictable troll-esque manner?
    Regardless, thanks for translating this, I had my eye on it for awhile.

  3. nepenthes says:

    On another (hopefully lighter) note, what laptop stand do you use? Looks pretty cool.

  4. Insemination says:

    @ slmkaz: I can’t answer your question because nothing has been decided yet.
    @ nepenthes: Not a clue. It’s some dodgy Chinese brand whose name I can’t remember.

  5. Anonymous says:

    lol tct tct what would nao say?

  6. Anonymous says:

    おにちゃん やめて lol mihos sis

  7. Jess says:

    Your honesty and well-natured-ness know no bounds.
    I am going to craft a wooden statue out of your avatar in commemoration of this announcement, which I will then proceed to sell on eBay.
    Really though, looking forward to the next patch!

  8. Tucan says:

    LOL, I see you’ve got some tissues within hands reach there…

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