Minor status post.

Random screenshot. Kept me amused, at the very least. Yes, that is where I’m up to in the common route. It feels like I’ve come a long way since first starting in August last year. Trolling has never been this much fun.


Important dates

  • 13/05/11- Cirno Poll closes.
  • 26/05/11- Cirno Patch to be discontinued.
  • 09/06/11- Route selection poll closes.
  • 12/06/11- Route order announced.

Other information

  • I’m putting Zettai on-hold till whenever I feel like working on it again. It’s not as if people care about it anyway.
  • I am going to cease fansubbing. It was only a short venture to expand my e-penis.
  • I’ll get a poll up and running in the near future to see if we should release a common route patch, or wait until an entire character route is complete.
  • Wordwrapping is fixed, as stated in a recent(?) Twitter post. It still doesn’t fix 100% of the lines, but the frequency of broken lines is so low that you’d only care if you have OCD and/or austism.
  • “Loli” is staying, whether you like it or not.
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7 comments on “Minor status post.
  1. A mysterious magician says:

    I <3 you. Thanks so much for your work, you fantasticly awesome person.

    Also, fuck the poll, do Asuho first, she is obviously the best. Damn tsundere lovers…. What the hell is nice about girls acting cold to you? That's like sleeping in the freezer so you can have an awesome hot shower in the morning!

    Uh, yeah. Release patches as early and as often as possible, please.

  2. morph says:

    +1 for Asuho

  3. Insemination says:

    All of you have shit taste. Komomo is the best.

  4. ScArYbOy says:

    Just wanted to say I really care about zettai junsho and I doubt I’m the only one. Please don’t drop it if you can TT

    • Anonymous says:

      I care about Zettai Junsho too!

      @OP Chinami is clearly the best since she’s your imouto all other opinions and factors are worthless

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