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overused sexual positions #2

>mfw it’s another one of these wrap-your-legs-around-the-guy-whilst-he-cums-inside-you scenes Mediafire (187 Mb) Other releases can be found on the downloads page.

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I want meido back ;_;

I even spoilered the shit… >4chan >SFW

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Gakuen Saimin Reido 02

Just a foreword: I am not a fansubber. I’m a 2D porn game translator. There’s a difference. I should really get back to studying… MF: Part 1|Part 2 MU: Single file Due to the filesize limitations of free MF accounts

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So ronery ;_;

There doesn’t appear to be any hacking issues with Kirikiri engine; text and CG (re)insertion are easily done. Unfortunately, I’m not too sure if I want to go through all the menu-editing hell again… Anyhow, I managed to get wordwrapping

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