What the fuck is this?

Er, here’s the first episode of Floating Material, which I subbed during my study breaks on the weekend. The release should have been out 12 hours ago; except shit happened with my third-world internet and I ended up having to re-upload this four times.

The reason why I’m bothering to sub this show is that there has been an influx of shitsubbers lately who have been “speedsubbing” new releases, whilst ruining every single-fucking-PoRo-release (and just about every other title that they’ve done) with their rewrites.


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8 comments on “What the fuck is this?
  1. Holey says:

    You know, I had the encoding done but you went off IRC a few minutes before it finished.

  2. Anon says:

    don’t hate on h-subdesu guys, at least they are posting subs for each new release

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot guy’s looking forward to many of your new releases.

  4. Rebate_War says:

    You’ve clearly tampered with our subs, since our version is “Splendid as usual, Ibu.” Go suck it.

  5. jubjob says:

    I just downloaded both, to see what the major differences are between them. Just a quick question, at 13:23 they say something about a hairband in staircases’ release, while in subdesu’s it’s something about locking a door? Which is the most accurate one, because I can’t believe they can be so different from eahc other.