It’s that time of the school year again.

I swear, all the news that I’ve been posting is bad.

My second HSC assessment block is coming up in two weeks, and runs from 10/03 to 18/03. This means that I’ll be spending most of my time studying during these coming weeks. As a result, there will be minimal translation progress.

The Cirno Patch for Hoshimemo, which I’ve mentioned previously, is to be released on 01/04/11. It’s quite a befitting date for our favourite and strongest fairy of Gensokyo, don’t you think?

Patch will consist of 9999 text blocks. The current script(s) have yet to be edited -I believe that the editing progress is at 6876, which isn’t too far off. I guess my splendidly timed exams will allow them to catch up a bit.

The ⑨ Project is Zettai Junshu ☆ Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou!!“, a nukige from softhouse-seal GRANDEE. I believe that I’ve explained my purpose in translating this game before, but it’s more or less so that I can get a feel for how to translate sex scenes, and to a lesser extent, add some variety to the mix.

My initial choice was Musume Shimai, but I realised that the game would be a big no-no, thanks to Australia’s strict CP laws, second only to the UK. Not only is the game 100% loli, it contains social taboos like father-daughter incest. Now if that isn’t enough, it also features pregnant sex, which ticks all the right boxes for all the wrong reasons. To put it simply, I don’t have the balls to translate this game.

So I had a look around on vndb, and ended up choosing Zettai Junshu-KKK (I’m a funny guy, aren’t I?) mainly because it had relatively high production values by nukige-standards. I had initially planned to do a short porn game which had under 10,000 text blocks, so that I could easily release it within a year or so even with Hoshimemo running side-by-side. As you can see from its rather steep 24k line count and 63 sex scenes plus a harem omake, this isn’t a small nukige by any means. Nevertheless, I have decided to follow through with this game. I wonder how long it takes to get C&Ded? (Hoshimemo took 2 and a half months).

Progress on Hoshimemo will undoubtedly take a hit, but I think that I’ve done a reasonable job keeping up with both these two games so far. Either way, there won’t be much progress for both these games until my exams are over.

That concludes this post. Next time I post something, hopefully it’ll be the Cirno Patch.

PS. No partials have been planned for Zettai Junshu at this point in time.

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