Random post. (A lot of these lately, huh?)

Good luck to anyone who’s trying out. I doubt I have much of a chance against all the Americans -certainly not, considering my superb 9pm- 5am [PST] active times, when most of the shitposters are asleep anyway.

Anyway, I’d like some general input in regards to The ⑨ Project. As I’ve mentioned on the project page, I’ll be taking a more dynamic approach to the translation to simply test how things work out. Due to the nature of the game, a liberal translation is unavoidable anyway. Should I use penis? When do I use cock? How often should the word vagina be mentioned? Which sounds more erotic, labia or pussy lips? What do I do about the sound effects? Shit like that in general is a huge headache to deal with. Hence, it takes me twice as long to translate any one line from this game than from Hoshimemo, and the disorganised script formatting in Kirikiri (Yay, you know what engine it runs on now!) when compared to Favorite View Point certainly doesn’t help.

Maybe I should learn from that Dark Translations guy and ask him for some input instead, because he seems to be well-versed in ero-scenes. Alternatively, I can take the Hoshimemo-approach, which will leave all the problems with the editing crew. Either way, I can sort of see why some translators hate it. Though I find it somewhat fun to read my own dirty transliterations.

Note: Hoshimemo will retain its literal approach, and that’s not changing any time soon.

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3 comments on “Random post. (A lot of these lately, huh?)
  1. Foxy says:

    Using erotic words is not much different from using “normal” vocabulary. For example: You can use penis as well as cock, but penis sounds more…rational. I’d use it, as long as the characters are still somewhat sane while cock is a nice word to express that they are already in a state of ecstacy. The same goes for labia and pussy lips.
    However, make sure, you don’t overuse one word no matter how fitting it may seem. Try to find as many synonyms as possible and use them whenever you get the feeling that you are repeating yourself.

  2. Abyss says:

    Like Foxy said above, try to vary your choice of words when you can, and depending on the mood of the scenario. Its OK to repeat the words now and again (after all, there’s only so many ways to say “dick”), as long as it ain’t too obvious. As long as you don’t go overboard and start making ridiculous synonyms. I still remember a scene from Fate/stay night … something about the main character’s “Wet weapon”. I swear I rolled around laughing so much that it nearly hurt.

  3. Foxy says:

    Good advice!

    You should avoid “meatstick” as well. It always makes me hungry not horny. It might fit, if they actually use food though…
    Writing erotic scenes is basically writing what you feel. It might be embarassing, since you indirectly tell everyone, what makes you active, but that’s how it is. You have to get into something, to convey your feelings.