Rage post.

Trolled by a fucking Nukige company. Anti-debug mechanisms and Themida? You’re fucking shitting me. Sorry guys, but Miko Dashi is out of the question, unless someone has the time and effort to get past 椎名里緒 (“Scenario”) Engine.

Also, good news for Oreimo fags: The new Oreimo game is also based on none other than Scenario Engine’s spectacular .WAR file system.

Man, I feel shit today. But whatever. Progress updates will now be done on the Progress page (I know the link address is retarded), which you can find along the list of tabs under the banner.

Also, taking suggestions for a nukige as a side-project. This is primarily to help with gaining some insight and writing “experience” for the sex scenes in our primary project (that is, Hoshimemo). Otherwise, it’s just going to be a time-killer.

Requirements or things to keep in mind:

  • Must be a nukige with under 10 hours of play time. No exceptions.
  • Preferably Kirikiri or ONScripter engines, which require zero hacking. Not a necessity, but it’ll raise the chance of the game getting picked significantly.
  • Must be Pretty and Shiny, as NNL would have put it. It’s a nukige. It’s for fapping. You don’t want to lose your boner from disproportional body parts in your CGs. Generally, anything released late 2009 and after is good.
  • No yaoi, guro, scat, bestiality* (excludes tentacles), dick-girls and pegging. All other genres are fine.
  • Must have a virgin ratio of 50% or above (if applicable). You can find an extensive list on VirginDB

    *Actually, I’ll make an exception for Reika Bitch Training if enough people request it- only because it’s highly “recommended” on /jp/.

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    2 comments on “Rage post.
    1. Anon says:

      How about finishing Dote up a Cat since Tengu dropped it? It’s at 26% i think…

    2. Sasarin says:

      Oppai Sensou – Kyonyuu VS Hinnyuu – ; its a short game, but needs a little of hacking for the battles.