Hoshizora no Memoria Prologue Patch

I’ll just copy and paste the /jp/ post here.

The time is now 12:37 here in Sydney- 37 minutes behind schedule. The small delay aside, here is my very first release and contribution to the community. I’d like to thank Hacker, who lent his invaluable expertise to make this release possible and particularly entertaining

>General Information about this Patch
1- There is no need to back up any of your game files. Our patch doesn’t overwrite anything.
2- A bug-fixing patch which was released by Favorite is included, so no need to download that again.
3- This patch translates the prologue, which represents a mere 5.6% of the entire game, or 3087 lines.
4- Error reports can be posted on the error report page on our website.
5- The subbed opening is provided optionally. Simply place it the “movie” folder in your game install directory. You might want to back up the raw game opening.
6- No need to uninstall the patch when you want to play the game in moonrunes- simply launch the original game exe.
7- Only tested for the DVD release of the game. No guarantees for compatibility with other versions.
8- Not to be distributed with an illegal copy of the game. You’re more than welcome to link to our website, though
⑨- The patch is anti-fail, so have fun.

Download Links
>Subbed opening [106 mb]-

>Prologue patch [36 mb]-

You can drop by at http://staircasesubs.wordpress.com/error-reports/ or email us to report any errors. You’re also more than welcome to do so in this thread, though it’s much less convenient for us. I’d rather not dig up the archive.

Anyway, thanks for the support /jp/ has given, or lack thereof.

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One comment on “Hoshizora no Memoria Prologue Patch
  1. erogelist says:

    I don’t know why people are not thanking you for this wonderful work of yours so let me be the first to say Thank You Very Much for your Hard Work!