Progress Update

Hacker has been working very hard these past few days to finish up the remains of the hacking. We’ve managed to locate where the speaker tags are stored in-game, and have translated them. I’ve discussed with Hacker about the release engineering, and boy, did we have fun doing that.

As for the shitty auto-generated brackets, we don’t have much of a lead on them at the moment, so that’s causing us some headaches. Actually, I take that back. Hacker removed them. Here’s an image.

And he hasn’t started on the wordwrapping, to say the least…I wish we didn’t procrastinate. According to him, the font isn’t monospaced, which is why we have variable column widths for each line. Jesus fucking christ, what a dodgy engine.

On my side of things, translation is at 10.5%. I’ve been going through the two prologue scripts and fixing them up, both aesthetically and translation-wise. I swear, it’s like trying to correct my Year 7 essays to Year 12 standards- and the fact that my general wording-style has changed doesn’t help one bit.

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