Is your body ready?

Will be optional with the prologue patch, which will be released sometime this month.

EDIT: Can someone knowledgeable about codecs recommend an efficient format in terms of filesize and quality to encode the OP in? The original is an mpg file. The game engine only reads mpgs [though for some reason, if you change an .avi extension to .mpg, the engine will support it]. Right now, the output file I’ve decided to use is an .avi file with the xvid mpeg-4 codec.

Someone point me to an encoding program which supports mpg file inputs and mpeg/avi outputs, and can read .ass subtitles. I’m using VirtualDubMod at the moment, and I’m not too impressed with the quality and filesizes.

NOTE: .mkv files are NOT an option. I’ve tried that and it fucks up the engine.

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  1. Jess says:

    Good job subbing the OP! I’m not too knowledgeable about codecs, just here to cheer from the sidelines.

    *Cheers from the sidelines*

  2. X-Calibar says:

    No expert but, I will try to help…

    Seems like h.264 or Xvid are the best choices for you as far as I know…
    h.264 might be more hardware intensive, but can have smaller filesizes, and should look just as good or better than xvid with the right settings (which I don’t know).

    I personally just use Xvid @ quality=1 CBR singlepass, with the HD profile; since it’s simple and fast and don’t care about filesize. [I also check cartoon mode, though not sure it matters] Also make sure you are using the mpeg option in the xvid settings.

    I expect the filesize to be the same as the original file or larger, when re-encoding and trying to preserve quality.

    I usually use regular virtualdub with plugins to open up mpeg/wmv/etc files. I also have after effects if I really need a better encoding program… [should be able to export the .ass as seperate bmps or something, to blend using any program]

    For the best quality/filesize using free programs… perhaps can help? That’s the place I used to go.
    Alternatively if you know an expert anime fansub group you could just ask them how to process it properly.

    btw… Looking good!!

  3. Aza says:

    From the way you can fool the engine to load avi by renaming it to mpg, it seems that engine just takes a fix-named file and passes it to Direct Show. If that is the case, you should also be able to make it load any video file, including mp4 and mkv, as DS will decode based on file header, not filename.

    About the codec, if you can make mp4 or mkv to work, I strongly recommend h264. Just install MeGUI ( plus AviSynth (, and you have a Swiss knife for encoding both audio and video.

    Short tutorial for MeGUI:
    -Update MeGUI (if it doesn’t do that automatically, there’s Options->Update)
    -Start a wizard at Tools->AVS script creator and load the OP in “Video Input” field
    -Fiddle with options/filters if you like, but it’s not necessary
    -Save the script somewhere and load it into main MeGUI window (or just tick “On save load to be encoded”)
    -Under “Encoder settings”, select any x264 profile and click “Config”
    -Under “Modes” choose Constant Quality and put some arbitrary number in (18 for example)
    -Under “Preset”, choose something very fast and click “OK”. In the popup, choose to save profile to scratchpad
    -Back in the main window, set file format to “mp4” and click “enqueue”
    -Go to “Queue” tab and click “Start”, receive encode
    -See if video quality is satisfactory and if it loads into game
    -If you want better quality, reduce the number for Constant Quality mode and reencode
    -If the game don’t want to load the file, try using mkv instead mp4
    -Once you get the quality you’re satisfied with, reecode one last time, but this time choose a much slower preset – quality will be the same and it will take much longer to encode, but it will also produce a much smaller file

    • Insemination says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. MeGUI works really well in terms of compression and available encoding options. Unfortunately, the engine seems to freeze up whenever an external codec is loaded- so the x264 codec doesn’t work. It doesn’t make sense, considering Xvid requires external codecs too…

      I’ve settled with Xvid for now. Only problem is that when renaming the .avi to .mpg, the audio no longer plays. This wasn’t an issue with the output file that VirtualDubMod produced. Heh, I’ll look into it…

  4. Insemination says:

    I have found the problem to the audio issue. I feel like a total retard after spending 3 hours testing various combinations of audio/video encoding options (with no thanks to my old C2D T9300 running at -blazingly fast- encoding speeds). It turns out that all I needed to do was “mux” the bloody audio and video together. I didn’t even know what the hell muxing/demuxing was. How was I supposed to know?

    Anyway, filesizes have become somewhat reasonable.
    Original Op [136 mb]
    Subbed Op [227 mb]
    (Optimised) Subbed Op [106 mb]