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Hoshizora no Memoria Prologue Patch

I’ll just copy and paste the /jp/ post here. The time is now 12:37 here in Sydney- 37 minutes behind schedule. The small delay aside, here is my very first release and contribution to the community. I’d like to thank

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Progress Update

Hacker has been working very hard these past few days to finish up the remains of the hacking. We’ve managed to locate where the speaker tags are stored in-game, and have translated them. I’ve discussed with Hacker about the release

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Is your body ready?

Will be optional with the prologue patch, which will be released sometime this month. EDIT: Can someone knowledgeable about codecs recommend an efficient format in terms of filesize and quality to encode the OP in? The original is an mpg

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Useless post for useless shit

I ripped the music off the Type-Moon website for Mahoutsukai no Yoru because I couldn’t find any download links on the net (or maybe I wasn’t Googling hard enough). The theme leaves a great impression on me for some reason.

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