Status Update

Some good news and bad news.

I’ll start with the good news, the menus have been translated.

Bad news (notice how it is a lot longer than the good news… heck, even this thing in brackets is making this part longer), we still haven’t fixed one of the major problems right now – which is that the game simply stops progressing at certain points. We’ve been consulting with the Chinese group that originally translated this game on a possible solution.

Unfortunately we have not yet found any fixes (but I have some ideas). In the worst case scenario the engine will have to be disassembled (I certainly don’t think I have to skills to fix it if it is a major problem). Word wrapping is another issue.

Also, our final year of high school and the HSCs are coming up next year so we’ll be rather busy.

Back onto a good note, everything else is working fine and the long bad news section is really describing one problem.

Meanwhile, here are some screenshots (click for a bigger size):

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