Prologue completed + Translation Hiatus

As you can see from the post title, the prologue translation [which consists of the first two common route script files which go up to the opening movie] has been completed in accordance to the 18/09/10 date I set myself.

This is [2/44] script files= [3087/55182] text blocks= 5.6% of the entire game. I’m not sure when Hacker is planning to get menu insertion and the game engine figured out, but it’ll be pointless without a TLC.

So when to expect a release of any sort? Not until the files have been TLCed. As it stands now, there simply won’t be a prologue patch due to the lack of somebody to translation-check.

I’m actually taking a flight to the Moon on 18th, Saturday [hence the deadline I set myself]. It’ll be an 18-day exchange trip. It goes without saying that there will be no translation or menu-editing progress during this time. Translation + menu editing will resume after I get back.

PS. Any suggestions how I should be translating [or leaving it in romaji] the term 天クル”Tenkuru”. It’s their retarded way of saying “sky-circle” ie. the astronomy club. No poll this time because I can’t be fucked, and because I want to hear actual responses- if I end up getting any at all.

Have a nice day, anonymous.

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7 comments on “Prologue completed + Translation Hiatus
  1. Shin'ya says:

    Just responding to let you know, that there are people who care (a lot) about your project.
    I would leave it as “Tenkuru”. I think that sounds better.

    Looking forward to your translation.

  2. Anon says:

    Well, duh. Translate it to “Circle of Skies”. I think it’s fitting for some reason.

    As a fan of HnM, keep up the good work. Also, happy whatever trip, bro.

  3. koichi says:

    i got 2 question: many script file that you think you can translate every weeks…?
    2.if you translate it,will it delete the character voice…?like fate stay night english patch….

    • 0neoc says:

      I’m afraid I cannot answer the first question as our main translator is still in Japan right now. As for the second question there is no reason why voices will be removed.

      The PC version of Fate Stay Night does not have any voices from the beginning anyway, you have to apply a patch which copies the voices from the PS2 version.

    • Insemination says:

      1. The script files vary in length. The shortest one being under 400 text blocks, while the longest is almost 2000. I won’t be giving any estimates. I think I’ve said this (to you) before.
      2. Hacker already answered this one for you. To clarify, the test patches we have built so far had no issues with the game voices/music/sound effects etc. So no, it won’t delete the character voices.

  4. DxS says:

    Go with Astronomy Club it’ll convey the meaning better than Tenkuru or the sky circle.

    • koichi says:

      isn`t it will confuse people when asuho or other say tenkuru but instead the word is astronomy club…?

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